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1501 India St. Suite 103-197
San Diego, CA, 92101
United States



Downtown 10 CEO Cross Kodesh, 12

Downtown 10 CEO Cross Kodesh, 12


A Young Entrepreneur’s Surprisingly Successful Jewelry Co.

In 2016, (then 10-year-old) Cross Kodesh, a young entrepreneur from San Diego, California, started a summertime project with his father to learn e-commerce. This was his 3rd business since age 8 -- but this one had to be bigger than cookies & candles. Being that his customers were always his mom’s friends & female family members, he made the decision to sell wholesale jewelry online.

There was only one twist.

Because he was selling only to friends & family members, his parents would not allow him to mark the jewelry up more than a dollar or two. And, everything had to be less than $20. This business was not supposed to make a profit. This was to be a lesson. But, took off. Quickly.

The jewelry was on-trend & priced way below competitors. It was the exact same jewelry big companies were offering, for way less. He even offered free shipping & shipped same day.

So, you see, making $1-$2 an item was pretty amazing for a young boy. And, which was only meant to survive a summer, is now a thriving business.

Cross Kodesh is now 12, ships orders on his own, every day, buys his own video games, and is super proud of the business he has built.

Cross has a huge heart. He donates 10% of his earnings to homeless youth charities in Downtown San Diego. Cross named his company Downtown10, because he was raised downtown, and was 10 when he started it.